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The Importance of Targeted Messaging

Messaging is a lot like menu making. You’re trying to make sure there is something for everyone. Matching your offering to their tastes creates a more enjoyable experience and of course lets them know you’ve made something, just for them. Munch Ado is the only platform that offers targeted marketing for restaurants.

Whether you’re a restaurant group who wants to tailor content to each of your locations or a single location restaurant who wants to grow loyalty, the best way to to that is with targeting.

Targeted messaging works. Not only are you able to manually segment your customers, you can also use behavioral data to tailor messaging based on their favorite types of dishes, ways of ordering, and party size. When your customers see an ad that appeals to their tastes, it’s impossible to resist.


The Power of Sequential Messaging & Storytelling

In today’s marketplace, it’s difficult to make an impact with a single marketing initiative. That’s why Munch Ado doesn’t limit its marketing or advertising strategies for your brand to one approach. With a multi-channel strategy that targets your customers where they spend their time (in their inboxes, on social media, and across their favorite websites), we increase your brand’s visibility and tell your story.

Sequential messaging allows for more detailed targeting, where the next message the customer receives from your brand is based on how they responded to the last. The Munch Ado platform utilizes this “real-time” optimization not only to create reactive and proactive messaging, but always active messaging.

Visualizing Your Return on Investment with the Munch Ado Platform

Get everything you need to run your restaurant at a higher level, all in one place. With the Munch Ado platform, you could replace at least a handful of vendors while also gaining unmatched insight on customer behavior through detailed data and reporting.

As part of the Munch Ado platform, you receive monthly reports and access to real-time data no only on how your website, social media, and marketing are performing but also on your customers themselves with Guest Book, bringing back the era of personal hospitality with the power of data and digital.


The Benefits of Using Your Own Website for Ordering & Reservations

Your customers belong to you. They like your food, they like your restaurant and they should be able to interact with you directly .

The Munch Ado platform creates a custom, branded, e-commerce ready website for you. Your customers can place orders, book reservations, view menus, and learn all about your restaurant without exposing them to your competitors.

How to Use Social Media to Grow

Consumers spend more time on social media than ever before. They’re engaged with their favorite friends, family, bands, brands and even foods. A well maintained social media presence is a full-time commitment involving unique content creation and an active role in customer service and engagement. The Munch Ado platform handles this work for you, or if you want to participate in content creation, we work with you.

With positive reinforcement, customer service, and specials, an engaged social media presence garners a more active and responsive customer base.


How Your Social Media Response Rate’s Relates to Revenue

Like picking up the phone when it’s ringing, responding to messages on social media is all about timing. The Munch Ado platform monitors your social media pages for incoming messaging and handles them accordingly. Someone wants to know your hours? We tell them. They want to book a reservation? We do it for them. They have a special event or special request? We immediately check with you or your staff to confirm.

Speedy responses capture revenue that may otherwise be lost. While much of this information will of course be available elsewhere with the Munch Ado platform, this personal, concierge-stye approach to customer service eliminates frustration, garners loyalty, and ensures you’re available wherever your customers are.

Harness the Power of Connected Data

Your customers are everywhere: in-restaurant, on social, online, and on the move with their mobile phones. With the Munch Ado platform, you’re everywhere too.

The best part about being where your customers are with the Munch Ado through is it’s the only platform able to bring all of that data into one place and provide deep insight into their behavior.