Munch Ado is a fully-managed marketing/e-commerce growth platform for your restaurant. Our experts work with you to make your brand a success.

Our Mission

In the competitive landscape of the dining industry where customers have come to expect flawless experiences online and off, we’re committed to engaging customers at a deeper level and delivering unified experiences for all customers.

Munch Ado is focused on creating stronger connections between restaurants and their customers and creating sustainable growth for each and every type of restaurant.




Chief Executive Officer

A revolutionist at heart, Puneet balks at convention and has a passion for shaking things up to solve complex problems.

Bryon Thelen-Perry

VP of Hybrid & Digital Sales

A high-impact collaborative sales leader whose strong strategic go-to-market ability using data, metrics and creative expertise delights clients by taking their business to the next level.

Matt Dimuzio

VP of Sales

Matt is dedicated to making sure restaurants have the tools they need to succeed. Over his 20 year career in the hospitality industry, he’s built trusted relationships with thousands of restaurants.

Diana Chisis

Marketing Director

A strategist at heart and a tactician at work, Diana uses her digital marketing expertise to make sure restaurants are where customers look for them online: everywhere.

Brittany Irvine

Social Media Director

A social media champion, Brittany loves nothing more than telling brand stories and engaging with followers and fans.

Core Values

Fixed Price

We don’t believe in penalizing restaurants for outstanding performance. We work as hard as you do to generate growth.


Munch Ado isn’t another service or vendor, we’re a partner. We set goals and meet them with you, together.


You’ve built your brand and launched your restaurant. We’re here to make all that hard work stand out.


Our platform moves with you from device to device and connects with your customers wherever they go.


Munch Ado wants to be a partner, not an interruption. That’s why we automatically connect data from all parts of your business.

How We Got Here

Munch Ado began as HungryBuzz, an advanced discovery platform that wanted to make it easier for customers to find the restaurants they love. We are very proud of our first foray into helping restaurants make a name for themselves in the digital world, but we quickly realized we shouldn’t only prepare them for the here and now; we should be preparing them for the future.
Since then, Munch Ado has continued to grow, not only in size, but in scope. We realized that restaurants are spending so much of their time managing their different vendors that they’re not able to focus on their core mission or on their customers. Over the last six years, we’ve refined and evolved the Munch Ado platform to not only bring restaurants and customers together at an even deeper level, but to also be a single, self-sufficient partner for all of a restaurant's needs from e-commerce and social media to marketing and customer retention.
With a focus on connected data and customer engagement, Munch Ado partners with restaurants to give customers a more personalized experience at their favorite restaurants.

We’re not standing still though. We’re already planning new features and solutions to address the needs of the restaurant industry as a whole and restaurant owners individually.

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